Bilal Dewansyah, Wicaksana Dramanda, Imam Mulyana

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The problem of asylum seekers has become a global humanitarian issues. Demands regarding the handling mechanisms based on the values of human rights is getting stronger voiced by the international community. In the Southeast Asian region, the number of ethnic Rohingya asylum seekers has increased and has started to demand settlement in non-immigrant countries like Indonesia. Although Indonesia does not have international legal obligations to receive asylum seekers, constitutionally, Indonesia has an obligation to guarantee the right of everyone to obtain asylum which has been included in the constitution. In a global perspective, humanitarian issues on the handling of asylum seekers started to be driven into the handling model based on regionalism. Therefore, ASEAN's response to the issue of asylum seekers should start a discourse given the number of asylum seekers in Southeast Asia began to rise. This paper deals with the immigration policy on asylum seekers of Rohingya people in Aceh province of Indonesia who plight in 2015 “boat people crisis” with regionalism approach.


asylum seekers; regional; ASEAN; legal framework; rohingya


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