Freedom of Speech and the Role of Constitutional Courts: The Cases of Indonesia and South Korea

M. Lutfi Chakim



Freedom of speech is a fundamental rights that must be protected in a democratic society. However, there is a worrying problem in many countries where governments unjustifiably limit freedom of speech, such as targeting people who have different views from the government. Constitutional cases related to the protection of freedom of speech in Indonesia and Korea show that there is a gradual decline in the quality of democracy. Therefore, this article aims to assess to what extent do the Constitutional Court’s role help in protecting freedom of speech in Indonesia and Korea. Through its decisions, the Constitutional Courts of Indonesia and Korea have contributed to institutionalizing freedom of speech as a permanent fixture of democracy by keeping the state institutions to a transparent and making the state responsive to public opinion and criticism. Even though freedom speech is not an absolute right and can be limited, however, when the Constitutional Court deals with the freedom of speech case, the limitation should be done only under strict conditions and where it is necessary and in a proportionate manner.


freedom of speech; democracy; constitutional court; Indonesia; South Korea



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