The Rise and The Fall of Indonesian Administrative Court's Jurisdiction: Impediments and Prospect

Enrico Parulian Simanjuntak



If one of Indonesia’s judiciary branches has been in constant flux before and after one roof system under the Supreme Court, it is the Administrative Court. From limited jurisdiction—by limitation from The Administrative Court Act (ACA), (Undang-Undang Tentang Peradilan Tata Usaha Negara) and others unresponsive legal policy, establishment of new court, and supreme court decision—to expansion jurisdiction by enactment of Government Administration Act (GAA), (Undang-Undang Tentang Administrasi Pemerintahan) and establishment sectoral laws, including expansion from Constitutional Court decision, has brought dynamic changing to Administrative Court jurisdiction. In this paper, I will discuss to what extent the Administrative Courts have indeed changed, survived between the fall and the rise jurisdiction, and improved the administration of justice in their field. It will first provide a short overview of the original jurisdiction on the Administrative Court Act (ACA), followed by an analysis of the legal impact of the enactment of the Government Administration Act (GAA) and other relevant Law and Regulation. This paper demonstrated that Administrative Court jurisdiction expansion urgently required harmonization between the ACA and the GAA: the existing legal gap has been not sufficiently filled by the Supreme Court Regulation (SCR) or Supreme Court Circular (SCC).


administrative court; jurisdictional expansion; harmonization of law


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